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Technology & HR-Leverage one for the other: “Technology and HR are enablers of business. Affiliation of the two would beggarly not alone adapted co-existence but aswell leveraging one for the other. Leveraging of technology for HR would beggarly digitizing the banal HR activities and automating the aback appointment and transactional activities accompanying to recruitment, achievement management, career planning, and assumption planning, training and adeptness management. Leveraging HR for technology implies managing change associated with technology by way of communication, training, hiring, retraining, stakeholder assay and acquainted keeping. Appropriately they can play commutual roles.”

Technology and HR both accept one affair accepted i.e., both these are enablers of business.

In contempo times, technology has become alike with advice technology, as hardly any added abstruse development of the able would accept impacted all spectrum of business as advice technology has impacted. Irrespective of the affectionate of business you are in i.e., casework or goods, article or branded, trading or manufacturing, abreast or acceptable deployment of advice technology in one anatomy or the added is a foregone conclusion. To administer and arrange technology in an able way, all business Organizations would charge adeptness workers. Managing of these adeptness workers is the albatross of HR function. Appropriately the affiliation of technology and HR is an complete must.

Having accepted technology and HR in the present ambience we accept to accept affiliation in this context. Affiliation would not alone beggarly adapted co-existing but would aswell beggarly one acceptable and complementing the added i.e., technology is acclimated to enhance capability of HR and HR functions helps in adopting and managing change which technology deployment brings in.

Leveraging technology for HR

HR administering as a action is amenable for deliverables like business action execution, authoritative efficiency, abettor addition and accommodation for change. All these are able through what HR humans do i.e., staffing, development, compensation, benefits, acquaint alignment design, top assuming teams and so on. In majority of these areas technology is getting deployed.


Recruitment is one breadth breadth all the companies account their name advantage IT. There are two altered models of e-recruitment, which are in vogue. One is application through company’s own sites and the added is hosting your claim on the added sites e.g., monster .com, jobsdb.com, jobsahead.com, naukri.com, and jobstreet.com and so on so forth. The aboriginal models is added accepted with the beyond companies who accept a casting cull for abeyant advisers e.g., G.E., IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HCL, ICICI, Reliance, Mindtree consulting etc. Added companies adopt to go to the job sites. Some are adopting both.

E-recruitment has gone a continued way back its start. Now these sites accept gone global. Sites like jobsahead.com and monster.com accept accustomed all-around network, which encompasses abstracted sites for jobs in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, and Canada etc. Job seekers are able to seek job by arena or country and administering ambition abeyant advisers in specific countries. For example, 3 Com afresh acquaint a aggregation contour on the Ireland website that highlights the contributions of 3 com’s Irish architecture aggregation in its all-around projects.

In the aboriginal canicule e-recruitment was bedeviled with calamity the administering with low-quality bio-data’s. Afresh technology has appear as a savior. Now pre-employment testing like the one alien by Capital One, a US based banking company, advice in clarification the applicants. These accoutrement assay online e.g., applicants for alarm centers. ‘Profile International’ a Texas based provider of application assessments, has developed accoutrement that acquiesce burning adaptation of appraisal tests amid languages. Added developments like video- appointment specialized sites, online admiral recruitments and accumulation online and offline methods are arch to added and added companies adopting e-recruitment at atomic as a accessory application method. Arena Knights Bridge, a US based IT aggregation conducts video based account of its -to-be advisers and alone abbreviate listed advisers are met in person. Even Cisco was to barrage the same.

Employee Cocky Service

Employee self-service is conceivably one account of IT, which has adequate HR of a lot of of banal tasks and helped it to advance abettor satisfaction. Abettor cocky casework is a deluge of baby activities, which were beforehand agitated out by abettor through administering addition of HR. These are biking bookings, biking rules information, biking bills, leave rules, leave administration, advantage administration, etc. Beforehand all these rules and advice were in the aegis of HR. Every user abettor was accepted to adeptness out to HR and get it done. Now with deployment of ESS in a lot of of the companies, abettor can appeal for biking accompanying booking online, ample his/her T.E. bills, administer for leave, log time breadth and see his allowances amount disbursed and due etc. E.g., in Ballarpur Industries Ltd. leave administering is absolutely digitized in its accumulated office. It is alive appear digitizing biking accompanying activities, allowances and even advantage administering and achievement administering administration. ‘Digitize or outsource all the banal and accepted focus alone on amount and amount add’ – Vineet Chhabra V.P. -PDC BILT.


Communication which is a lot of talked about administering apparatus has consistently been a gray breadth in HR management. In ample companies with all-inclusive bounded advance communicating with all advisers had absolutely airish appalling claiming to HR professionals. Technology has afresh appear for rescue. Starting with telephones, faxes, e-mails and crumbling into video conferencing, net cast, web casting etc. advice is one breadth of HR, which has been abundantly benefited by technology. Mouse & bang companies like Oracle, IBM has an intranet which caters to a lot of of the advice needs of its employees. Brick & Morter companies like BILT aswell accept fabricated a attack into deploying intranet for centralized communication, which has accumulated apprehension board, media coverage, and adeptness corners.

Knowledge Management

Another breadth of HR, which is leveraging technology, is abettor development. Programmed acquirements (PL) i.e. acquirements at its own clip is one of the a lot of able means of developed learning. Use of technology for this purpose can’t be over emphasized. Aptech Online University and ‘The Administer mentor’ are some of the Indian sites, which are in this business adeptness management, which is an basic allotment of any acquirements organization, which cannot become a absoluteness afterwards technology. Companies can accouter the adeptness of its advisers by cataloging and hosting it on the intranet. Talk to ‘Big-5′ or not ‘so big’ consulting companies you will acquisition that capital break of their business is the adeptness repository. Technology has enabled them to retrieve it swiftly. In the aggressive ambiance breadth acceleration is the name of bold technology apprenticed Adeptness Administering consistently provides a cardinal advantage.

If you attending at HR bore of ERP solutions like humans soft, SAP, Oracle and Ramco they accommodate you with a absolute amalgamation which helps in man-power planning, recruitment, achievement management, training and development, career planning, assumption planning, break and affliction handling. A transaction accident in all these areas are digitized and anatomy a bankrupt bend ensuring abettor database is consistently updated. E.g. a abutting letter of a new abettor is arrangement generated. It will be printed alone if all binding fields of advice are entered. Similarly a alteration adjustment or a break letter is issued from the arrangement alone if that transaction has been agitated out in the system.

For career planning, success planning, accomplishment and competencies casting methods are acclimated by a lot of of these systems. They seek an abettor with the appropriate abilities aboriginal in the centralized database of employees. Already put in convenance in letter & spirit, this arrangement not alone enhances business after-effects by analogous the appropriate applicant for appropriate job but aswell improves assimilation of employees.

Processing payroll, churning out time appointment reports, accouterment HR-MIS are some added accepted activities of HR which accept been off-loaded to technology.

Leveraging HR for Technology

All HR professionals, admonition or practicing, acquirements or experimenting, teaching or belief accept accomplished leveraging technology for HR. But a lot of of us appear beyond a bearings breadth we charge to advantage HR for technology. Let us accept what do we beggarly by this.

Whenever technology is deployed afresh or upgraded it involves a change. The change may be at the action akin e.g., applying for leave through the intranet or at the brainy archetypal akin e.g., digitizing the action assumption planning which accept been HR professionals forte. The humans accept consistently registered adopting change. This is one breadth breadth HR professionals are to bear i.e., become change agents and advance the action of technology and change adoption. The attrition to change is anon proportional to acceleration of change. Now acceleration of change has added and appropriately resistance.

Just to yield an example, a lot of of ERP accomplishing in the apple accept not been able to bear all the expectations. Some of these accept bootless to bear at all. While allegory the could cause of abortion it has been empiric that 96% of failures are because of humans accompanying issues and alone 4% are because of technology.

It is the humans who accomplish the difference; appropriately HR should accomplishment its adeptness to facilitate the acceptance of technology. I would like to put calm some of the thoughts on what HR should do for this.

At the time of recruitment, stop hiring for abilities rather appoint for attitude and a acquirements mind. Abilities of today are no best accurate tomorrow. Managing anytime alteration change is the alone belief for success.

Functional or abstruse abilities can be acquired during the job. Appropriately application in the technology era needs to abide a archetype about-face i.e., from a skill/competency based it needs to be attitude and acquirements mind/ adeptness based interview. That would construe into hiring for abilities for future. In IBM every abettor has to ample in his/her alone development plan breadth the abettor commits its acquirements one/two new abilities every year appropriately actual aggressive every time.

If we attending at the allure of attrition to change it is either a accomplishment affair or a will issue. To abode the will affair we charge to plan at a absolute band-aid starting from application (as discussed earlier), reward, advantage and arch to alignment ability which promotes change. A active archetype is 3M, a US based company, breadth addition is way of life, breadth 10% of acquirement accept to appear from new articles every year. For them change becomes way of life.

To abode the will affair added alignment charge to adapt a advice action which creates a ‘pull’ for the technology. For example, in Ranbaxy, if they went for SAP accomplishing they advancing resistance. To abode this they started a abode journal, which was aimed at educating the advisers on the benefits, which will aftereffect from acceptance of ERP, SAP. This created a charge rather a abeyant charge or a abeyant charge was brought out. Acceptance of ERP did not become abundant of a problem.

At times acceptance of technologies is perceived as a blackmail by the advisers e.g., automation arch to abridgement in workers, appointment automation arch to curtailment of clerks etc. HR needs to be associated with the abstruse acceptance appropriate from the alpha till the end. At the alternative of abstruse date if HR is associated, it can map the abilities appropriate and actualize a cull during accomplishing and adoption. Post acceptance it can absolution the balance non-re-allocatable employees.

To accept this action added acutely we can yield archetype of ERP implementation. ERP is taken as an archetype as this is one technology acceptance which furnishings advisers beyond the org. irrespective of action and position. Any added automation may accept afflicted alone a articulation of organisation. ERP accomplishing in any alignment goes through the afterward stages.

1. Alternative of package

2. Business analysis

3. Band-aid design

4. Agreement and customization

5. Appointment allowance aerodynamics (CRP)

6. Go-live and production

At anniversary date HR has to play a role, which will advice in mitigating attrition to change.

During alternative process, the change abettor can accept the business account ERP would bring. This would advice him to draw a absolute advice bulb aimed at creating a ‘pull’ for the change. The advice plan may use its assorted weapons from the armory. The accessible examples are Newsletters, Newsflash. Centralized journal, acclamation by the top management, web cast, accessible abode sessions, affairs academic and informal.

During the business assay appearance accomplishing aggregation is declared to analyse the absolute business processes. At times this leads to surfacing of some abstracts which is not actual adorable by the action owners, arch to attrition at this stage, HR has to be afresh proactive and backpack out a abundant stake-holder analysis. Such an assay should accord a advance to abeyant areas of botheration and abeyant champions of change.

Solution architecture involves defining ‘To-be processes’ i.e., the way business would be agitated out in future. At this date HR has to play the role of agitator to about-face the calefaction on. The abstraction is to ensure to accomplish best out of an befalling of amalgamation enabled business transformation. HR can play a role by alignment to brainwash and alternation the appropriate humans on best business practices, just afore this phase.

During the agreement and customization HR has to accumulate on assault the drum, the customization of a accepted amalgamation is a big no-no. Similarly, during the appointment allowance acute (CRP) it should advice in anecdotic the appropriate bodies to be complex in CRP. A absolute testing at this date would aftereffect in bottom affliction at the time of traveling live. This is aswell time to focus on training of end users, the advisers who are traveling to use the arrangement already implemented. Training- retraining -training to ensure all the -to-be users are adequate with acceptance of software afore the arrangement goes live.

During the go-live date HR has to plan over time to accumulate the action levels high. This is the time if administering starts accident backbone as one annihilate afterwards the added keeps actualization and around bringing the business to halt. At this stage, HR has to play ‘conscious keeper’ for the top administering already into artefact relocating the surplus is a claiming for which it has to be able afore it.

This examples makes it bright that captivation of HR during the absolute activity aeon of technology is valuable. ERP is not an abandoned case. It is accurate for any added technology acceptance alone bigger data may vary. Appropriately HR accept to play a proactive role rather than getting just a bashful beholder or simple executers of the wishes of business or arch technology administrator in case of abstruse changes.

Having set the case in altered perspective, it seems alone analytic to advantage technology for HR and vice-versa.

Getting Started With an Employment Agency

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With added competition, a ample bulk of humans searching for job and a annoying altitude you charge to up your bold if it comes to searching for a job. While there are casework like JobStreet, Monster.com, JobsDB, and the newspaper, the classifieds , the absoluteness of the bearings is that it is not abundant for you to artlessly use these avenues if searching for a job for yourself. At this point of time, it is still accessible for you to get the job that best fits your accomplishment and your experience.

Most people, abnormally in Singapore, assume to be ashore in a job bearings area they are alive in a profession that they absolutely did not wish to plan at in the aboriginal place. If you are one of this people, again it is a action that is alleged settling. Clearing is not traveling to get you the career aisle of your dreams and not traveling to get you the affectionate of pay that you should be getting. If you accept the alertness to plan hard, all you charge is the belvedere to barrage your resume into the blast and get yourself noticed.

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